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A smobcoin is a digital coin used and accepted on smobnation. It is used within this system and not outside this system. *Make use of smobcoin to send gift items to another smobber; *You can also convert it to real cash and withdraw it to your bank account; *You can transfer smobcoin within this platform *You can use smobcoin to settle debts since it can be converted to USD *You can use smobcoin for payment of goods and services. *You can use smobcoin to upgrade to a PRO Plan Note: No governmental or legal backing for smobcoin as this is virtual coins built for smobnation citizens
Smobnation wallet refers to payments made with a digital, virtual wallet within our system. A characteristic of this payment method is that you deposit a balance into your wallet and use that to conduct secure online payments on smobnation like payment for upgrading to PRO plan or transfering some funds to another smobber. Please note that funds in your wallet cannot be withdrawn. If you intend to withdraw funds or want your friend or colleague to withdraw funds you are sending to them please make use of smobcoin. It will be transferred to real cash. Note: 200 smobcoins equals 1 USD
Smobbers can withdraw smobcoins when converted to real money (USD) but cannot withdraw money in the wallet Money deposited in the wallet cannot be withdrawn, can only be used within the system, funds in the wallet can also be transferred to one another within the platform *Both smobcoin and wallet fund can be transferred within the platform *Smobcoin can be used to buy gift items *When you refer people to smobnation, you earn real USD *Any money that is in the balance not wallet, can withdraw it *Funds in the wallet can be used to buy smobcoins
To transfer smobcoin, you need to have the quantity readily available in your account, then go to "Transfer Smobcoin" section, enter the recipient Citizen ID and the amount of smobcoin you intend to send and click Send that's all.
None! We don't charge any processing fee
One USD equals 200 smobcoins. This is subject to change without notification or communication
For now No! smobcoin can only be used within smobnation
No please! only smobcoins can be withdrawn. You can only send or transfer money from your wallet to another another or use it to purchase a PRO PLAN (Become a Senior smobber)
Yes please. Smobnation allows you to earn by referring friends and family to our platform. Once these people purchase any of our upgrade plan, you earn 5.5% of the sum and there is no limit to what you can earn on smobnation. These earnings can be withdrawn and transferred to your bank account
Yes, smobnation is a registered social media network in the Unted States of America
Absolutely Yes, anytime any day
There are various ways 1. Earn by referrals. You can generate up to 50 links per day 2. Earn as a creator: selling contents 3. Earn by padlocking your content: You can padlock your content, videos, images and get paid when unlock 4. You earn smobcoin daily when you like post, comment on post, share post, post articles etc
Though we do not wish to see you go however, if you think you would like to delete your account, this is allowed. To delete your account please go to General setting, scroll down to locate Delete Account. Please note that once this action is taken, it is irreversible
In order to send gift item to another smobber, you must have enough smobcoins in your account if not this may not be successful. To send gift item please follow this procedure
No restrictions. It is unlimited; keep sending......
This feature allows you to be connected with your birthday mates on smobnation. People you might not ordinarily meet in the real world are connected together on smobnation. Please go to Setting>>General; then locate "Show in Birthday Mates" select "Yes" and save the setting. You should be connected within the next second
Quick Chat instantly connect you with friends online. Go allow or disallow this feature, go to Settings>>General; locate "Show in Quick-Chat List" and select "Yes" then save
This feature allows you to be seen publicly. All your friends, followers and everybody can see you when you are online as well as when you are offline and can connect with you easily
Click on your General Setting and select "Go Private" Go Private allows users to profile to be undetected, for example, You will not appear online and when they search for your name, the search engine will not be able to display your name instead it will say "No Such User" or "Not Found". Also activating this feature prevents you from showing in messenger
Getting verified is very important; an unverified profile could mean smobbers avoiding transacting with you because of trust related issues. To get your account verified please go to Settings>>Verification, then enter your Citizen ID or email address, upload the copy of your passport or ID card and personal picture Note: This is subject to approval
Affiliates are the people you have invited to smobnation and join as a PRO Users (senior smobbers). You earn 5.5% on each affiliate you invited. Note that they must have joined through the link you shared with them not by the word of mouth
Invitation link can be used to invite affiliates; you can generate up to 50 links per day. To generate affiliates please go to Settings>>Invitation Links; then click on "Generate Link" click on copy. You may paste this link on your social media pages. You earn 5.5% when your friends and family join smobnation and become PRO Users
Built to connect, inspire and creating lasting mutual relationship. SmobNation is all about people who love having casual laughs during chit-chats, joking around, having fun with one another, and forgetting what boredom is. It intends to connect you with your birthday mates Life presents a lot to worry about as it is. At SmobNation, members can set aside the hardships of life, and take time to chat and unwind. You can easily become part of the Smobbers community - a gathering of adventurous and lively individuals committed to take life easy. Read more here:
There are some circumstances where some posts may show up in your newsfeed, for instance, a boosted posts, sponsored posts, suggested for you posts etc may share your newsfeed's space. If you don't want to see such post, you may simply hide the post or block the smobber


To be really sure about this, please login to your smobnation's account, go to Setting>>Security then Manage Sessions. We advise that you change your password immediately and also enable two-factor authentication
Yes please however this is subject to availability
Password complexity is a measure of how difficult a password is to guess in relation to any number of guessing or cracking methods. In some cases, the term is also used to refer to requirements for password selection that are designed to increase password complexity in the interest of better security. For example, Use a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and special characters (for example: !, @, &, %, +) in all passwords. Avoid using people's or pet's names, or words found in the dictionary; it's also best to avoid using key dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).
Two-factor authentication is an electronic authentication method in which a user is granted access to a website or application only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism: knowledge, possession, and inherence
Two factor authentication system is an extra security measure that ensures you have total control of your account. To set your two factor authentication system please go to Setting>>Security>>two factor authentication. Select enable, a 6 digit codes will be sent to your email for confirmation, please copy the code and confirm Turn on 2-step login to level-up your account's security, Once turned on, you'll use both your password and a 6-digit security code sent to your phone or email to log in.
A PRO User (senior smobber) has many benefits some of which includes the following Regarding pricing; please check here Free page promotion Free Post promotion Verified badge See who visits your profile Show/hide last seen Virtual Diary Deals and Coupon Boost feature
A smobber that is recognised as a top smobber enjoys lots of benefits. If you really want to trend, popular joining and using smobnation is the best decision you have taken It takes nothing than a single post to be a top smobber and once you have the most engaged video for a particular month you stand you to be a top smobber. Your content will be recognized on the platform for the next 24 hours across all pages globally on smobnation. You are also credited with certain amount of smobcoins; these coins can be withdrawn, transferred or spent on smobnation
A single post (video) qualifies you. The most engaged video of a particular month becomes the top smobber for 24 hours


Smobnation as a social media platform is a well secured social media network. We placed a high premium value on security and we have also implemented number of measures you can use protect your account. Some of these are two factor authentication, unusual login detection, location based login detection, Password Complexity System, antispam reCaptcha, Prevent Bad Login Attempts, Login Limit System, Lockout Time System etc
Spyware is any software that installs itself on your computer and starts covertly monitoring your online behavior without your knowledge or permission. Spyware is a kind of malware that secretly gathers information about a person or organization and relays this data to other parties. Describe the item or answer the question so that site visitors who are interested get more information. You can emphasize this text with bullets, italics or bold, and add links. Such is not found on our platform; we don't track our users here
If you are unable to login to your account or your account has been hijacked. Please make some efforts to change your password and try to login; if this does not work, try to login several times as this prompt our system to block your account for some period, check your email address for confirmation details to reset your account. Where this process yielded no results please contact our customer support for help Note: You may be asked some probing questions to ascertain the ownership of the account

Ad System

Advertising System is a feature that allows you to run adverts for your products, websites or any other link, users can post ads on smobnation website, with advertising system users can: Upload Image or video ads to website. Note: when you place ad and submit it is subject to approval, it remains pending awaiting approval, also note that your ad may not be approved, it may be rejected or ask you to modify the ad Also note that, unlike other social media networks, once you are a PRO Member on smobnation you are entitled to certain benefits to run free ads on smobnation.
Currently you can fund your wallet using PayPal, other payment method will be added soon
What is CPC, CPM? CPC mean cost per click, how much will the system charge the user from every ad click? $0.04 CPM mean cost per view, how much will the system charge the user from every ad view? $0.001 Cost By View-$0.001 Cost By Click-$0.04 Note: This is subject to change without special notification or communication
Yes, You can easily sponsor your video ad as well as full post and image with destination link
With Boost Feature, you can easily boost a post without spending extra dollar. This feature is available for all PRO Users (Senior smobber). A boosted post will remain on top of every post and is signified by a badge on top of the boosted post
This happens when you are trying to promote something that is against our community policy or harmful to the public. You may amend and submit the Ad again for consideration
Boost is for boosting posts on timeline you can boost multiple posts at a time however Fix is for pinning post on your timeline you can fix one post at a time to stick at the top. Note: In order to boost a post, you must be a PRO user while fixing post does not require that you be a PRO user


Yes please. You can create free account on smobrating and list your company/business. Only one company can be listed if you intend to list more business/company you will have to upgrade your account. Similarly uploading products or listing your services is free but has some limitation in that you can only place 2 products. Paid account allows you to enjoy more features
SmobRating offers a completely integrated experience in one platform, giving you ultimate control over how your business collects, displays, and markets with UGC. Smobrating is connecting, managing and promoting real customer reviews. You can get started absolutely free by signing up for Smobrating Free, no credit card required. Or if the Free package does not meet your needs you can sign up for a PRO Plan. It is absolutely free to use smobrating
No! It is absolutely free of charge to get your company, products and services listed. However there are restrictions only one company can be listed and only two products and services if you want more benefits please help us upgrade your account to a paid plan. To get rated is free and it's unlimited
Yes please not only video but also audio and images and with text. You can also respond to you client's rating and reviews even with video, audio, images or text
PayPal. More coming......
•Upload Product • Add services •Reply to Rating/Reviews with Text, Image, Video or Audio • Reply to Rating/Reviews via dashboard • Get reviews notifications via email • Collect Video/Audio/Text/Image rating/reviews • Display Rating/Reviews on website (Auto Update) • Get your business/company rated • Get your products/services rated • Share page on social media networks • Enjoy more tags • Be visible on Google Search Engine • Buy Now Button for products • Contact button for services •Display contact information •Free Rating/Reviews • 24/7 Support


SmobChat is an instant chat platform for both smobbers and non-smobbers. As a smobber, you do not need to register before joining or finding new friends, or chat on smobchat. It also allows you to meet fresh and new friends across the world who are not even on smobnation
Absolutely Yes
Yes Please!
There are various ways to meet or search for friends on smobchat, you can make use of our search engine limiting your search to a particular country, by age, by verification, by status (online/offline), by gender, or by avatar

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