How can I rate and Be rated on SmobRating?

How can I rate and Be rated on SmobRating?

Posted on : 22 Nov, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 week ago   

Rating companies or Getting Rated is simple and takes few seconds. Make sure you create account (Sign up) on SmobRating, then login into your account. Click on Companies you may also search for any company you intend to rate by using the search engine. Click on the company you intend to rate. Go ahead and type in your message, select the STAR, and hit the submit button to post. You may upload image, video or audio file along. This is allowed. Note: Make sure your video/audio is not more than 20 MB

You may also edit or delete your reviews. You can only rate once


To be Rated, you need to have a company or business and get it listed on SmobRating, then share the link to your customers/clients, family and friends. You can also embed the link into your website for real time updates

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